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About Bison Renovations

Bison Renovations all started when…

I needed a simple fix for a home renovations project I was working on. The garage floor had sunk 2″ causing cracks and water to pool.  In researching “the best ways to fix sunken concrete” I came across POLYURETHANE FOAM. I learned how it was cleaner, quicker, greener and best part it’s a fraction of the cost of replacement. I then learned that there were no local businesses offering this service. It became my goal to fill this long overdue need in our community.

Through the years we have been helping our customers—home owners, commercial properties and municipalities—raise, level and repair their concrete, fix their foundations, and provide home waterproofing solutions.

Innovation and meeting customers’ expectations has driven us to become a leader of concrete raising & leveling and many more polyurethan foam services.

Why Choose Bison Renovations?

  • Save 50% – 75% over the cost of replacement. Why replace your good concrete when you can raise your concrete with an eco-friendly product.
  • Ready to use the same day as work completed. Within 20 minutes of pumping you can drive a car across your driveway or parking lot.
  • Locally owned and operated. All our technicians are professionally-trained with our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We guarantee our work for 1 year. If your sunken concrete is over 10 years old and we raise your sidewalk or driveway and within 1 year it drops more than ¼” – we will raise it again for free!
  • We are good for the environment. Our polyurethane foam filling product is made from recycled materials that were made in the U.S.!
  • Foam is not weakened by moisture and requires much smaller and fewer holes than mudjacking,
  • Holes drilled are only 5/8ths or less, the size of a penny.
  • The material will take the path of least resistance and will fill in all voided areas.

If your concrete has created a hazardous or unappealing condition and you want it fixed for good, Bison Renovations is the solution for you. Our application is used across the residential, commercial and municipal industries from sidewalks and driveways to roads and bridges.

The polyurethane has an impressive lifespan, for it is not affected by water, does not change it shape or form, and will not break down over time as other materials often do. This technology is now the preferred concrete repair solution for municipalities, DOT’s, contractors, and residential. From projects on interstate highways, to a single concrete slab at a residence, our process is so cost effective, that no job is too big or too small.

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